Regardless of size, if you need amazing images of your event, we will be there to deliver.
Every event is photographed, professionally edited to ensure every single image looks amazing.
Every event also includes high resolution images delivered via an easy-to-use online gallery designed to help you and your entire guest list enjoy, share and download your favorite images.

(Event Photography starts at $650)


EVENT Photo Booths

Long gone are the days of the outdated, big black box photo booths.  Your guests want to take selfies, boomerangs, animated GIFs and more. 
All our booths are designed using open-air concept allowing you to fit a ton of your awesome friends in each shot.  Our booths are all connected to social media for easy image sharing, instant printing and more amazing features that are sure to make your event rock!

For corporate/promotional events we also have the option to capture leads information, analytics and more.

(Event Photo Booths start at $450)



You are probably wondering what a "social wall" is right?
Our social wall is a live, interactive, social media connected collection of photos being taken by your guests at your event being displayed either on a series of TVs or on a huge projection screen.
Your event guests will go crazy taking and posting photos across their social media channels in order to see their images show up on our social wall.  
Social walls create an engaging experience for your guests and ensure your event will be the talk of the "social town".

(Event Social Walls start at $850)